Marty Trentacosta as Paul McCartney​
Marty, a long time Beatles Tribute band bassist, is featured prominently in  BEATLES FAUX SALE.  Marty has made it his passion to study and work on the various tones, inflections and  characteristics that are unique to Paul McCartney’s vocal sound – with fantastic results – as you can hear in the audio and video samples on this web site.  In addition, Marty’s “on-stage” introductions, witty banter, and  speaking voice will have you believing you are truly listening to “Sir Paul” at a live Beatles concert in the mid-60’s!   A fascinating and authentic aspect of Marty’s portrayal of Paul McCartney is that he plays LEFT-HANDED bass guitar – like Paul – (despite his being a natural righty).  This is a feature NOT usually found in most other bands.

Ken Dziuba as John Lennon
Like the Beatles’ great and innovative leader, Ken is an amazing sound-alike of John Lennon.  Ken has studied John Lennon’s writing, singing and playing in great depth; one might say, unprecedented detail!  On stage he might be seen playing a black Rickenbacker electric ¾ model 325, or a Gibson model J-160E acoustic guitar –both just like John’s – with resounding accuracy.  His singing voice is an accurate, spot-on impersonation of John Lennon’s.  He has studied every musical aspect the Beatles’ song catalog, arranges the band’s material and is a virtual encyclopedia on the Beatles' music.